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Coach Members of the New Zealand Ice Figure Skating Association. Information available here has been provided by the coaches and has not been verified by the NZIFSA. Applications for Coach Membership may be found here.


Yasmin Walker
ph: 021 070 6934
Singles · Dance · Synchronized
NZIFSA Level 1 Coaching Accreditation
-3x USA National Competitor
-2x International Competitor with Los Angeles Ice Theater - Senior
-5 years of experience teaching studio dance and skating with a focus on choreography
My goal in coaching is to inspire my skaters to love the sport and pursue their dreams.

Preeya Laud
ph: 021 292 3559
Singles · Synchronized
NZIFSA Level 1 Coaching Accreditation
8x New Zealand Rep
Competed at ISU JGP event
Bachelor of sport and recreation
Postgraduate certificate in sports science
Master of Science Student

Stephanie Woodacre
ph: 021 025 905 25
Singles · Synchronized
NZIFSA level 2 singles Coaching Accreditation
British Ice Teachers Association Level 2 qualified coach. 10+ years coaching experience. Taught in Scotland, Norway and England. Cast member of "Lazor on Ice" Germany. Silver singles and ice dance medalist.

Charlotte Van Uden
ph: 021 2540590
Singles · Synchronized
NZIFSA Level 1 Coaching Accreditation
- Singles and Synchronized
- 5 Years private coaching experience
- Head Coach of AIFSC Synchronized Skating Club
- NZ Rep in Free Skating and Synchronized Skating
- Currently completing a Graduate Diploma in Primary Teaching.

Debbie Darvill
ph: 021 2517261
Singles · Dance
NZIFSA Level 2 Singles and Dance Coaching Accreditation
- Coaching since 1978
- Australian Gold Ice Dance
- Comps 1975/76 Gold preInt free Gold Int dance
- 5yrs International training in tests & coaching
- Attend ISU seminars for ice dance and singles internationally
- Attend NZIFSA multiple seminars per year to update skills

Sabrina Snoad
ph: 02102890414
Singles · Synchronized
NZIFSA Level 1 Coaching Accreditation
- Singles and Synchronized Coach
- 3 years private coaching experience
- New Zealand & Australia Synchronized Skating Representative
- Competed at 6 Senior ISU synchronized competitions
- Current AIFSC synchronized Coach
- Currently Studying Bachelor of Arts

Bess Cao
ph: 0211993222
Singles · Synchronized
NZIFSA Provisional level 2 Coaching Accreditation
Skated competitively in China for 8 years
National Novice Ladies Champion, Junior Champion, Runner-up, 3rd Prize from 2004-2007 in China.
Compete at Senior level in China for 2 years 2008-2010
Skaters won Champions at NZ National Championships for consecutive 5years.
Skaters attended several years of ISU listed International Competition.

Rosie Armstrong
ph: 0274847080
NZIFSA Level 2 Singles Coaching Accreditation
Competed Junior Worlds, 9 International Competitions, World Championships
1983-1993 - Trained periodically overseas under world and Olympic coaches.
Nominated for Winter Olympics
NZIFSA Gold Free & Figures medal tests, Inter-silver dance
Canadian & Australian National Coaching Certificate, Sport Specific

Alex Kam
ph: 0225987923
Singles · Pairs
Competed at - Winter Olympic Games 2018
- World Figure Skating Championships 2018
- Four Continent Championships 2012, 2017
International medalist - Asian trophy 2013 1st (Jr Single)
- Sarajevo Open 2016 1st (Jr Pair)
- Cup of Nice 2017 3rd (Sr Pair)


Marina Tsevina
ph: 021 140 5557
NZIFSA Level 2 Singles Coaching Accreditation
- Master Degree of Sport and Physical Education
- Post-Grad Choreography of Figure Skating in Moscow State Academy of Theatre Art and Ballet
- 20+ years experience as a coach at Sport School of Olympic Reserve
- My trainees have repeatedly become winners, prize-takers and participants, Ukrainian, USSR and International Competitions

Caitlyn Paul
ph: 021 150 1865
Singles · Dance · Synchronized
NZIFSA Level 2 Singles Coaching Accreditation
- BA Sports Coaching
- Gold Star Stroking / Inter-Gold Freeskating tests
- Represented New Zealand in Singles (Intermediate - Senior Ladies)
- Member of the 2010 New Zealand Senior Synchronized team.
- 15+ years coaching experience (Kiwiskate, Semi Private and Private)

Ann Campbell
ph: 021 140 7739
Singles · Dance · Synchronized
NZIFSA Level 2 Singles and Dance Coaching Accreditation
- Australia Coaching Level 1
- Australia Coaching Level 2 - Part A
- Highlights - Coaching Results - 1st Masters, Intermediate Ladies, Men's, Open Synchro, Juvenile Dance. 2nd Australian Mens, 2nd Junior Syncro, Gold Star Stroking
- Personal Results - 1st Senior Dance, Senior Pairs, Intermediate Ladies, Junior Aussie Dance


Kaitlin Chamberlain
ph: 027 825 8674
NZIFSA Level 1 Coach accredition
Sarah MacGibbon
ph: 022 301 9098
NZIFSA Level 2 Singles Coaching Accreditation
- My aim is to encourage progress and good results through passion and hard work.
- NZIFSA Introduction to Coaching
- NZ Senior Champion 2013
- Competed in NZ, Australia, Switzerland, Slovenia, Finland & Mexico

Fanis Shakirzianau
ph: 021 181 5247
Singles · Dance · Pairs
NZIFSA Level 2 Singles Coaching Accreditation
- World & Olympic coach
- Bachelor in Sport Education
- Many skaters attended World Championships, European Championships, Four Continents, Junior World Championships, Olympic Games, Winter World Universiade, Junior and Senior Grand Prix in singles, pairs and ice dance from following countries: Russia, Belarus, South Africa, Slovakia, New Zealand.

Megan Kliegl
ph: 027-631 9857
Singles · Synchronized
NZIFSA Level 1 Coaching Accreditation
- New Zealand ex-Senior Synchro Champion
- Represented NZ at 2009 World Sync Champs
- 10 years of coaching experience (Kiwiskate, Development, Semi-Private & Private)
- Represented New Zealand and South Africa in Synchronised Skating
- Director of Ice Shows, DISC

Ricky Cockerill
ph: 0274181889
Coaching Accreditation level 1
Ricky has been involved in the figure skating world for nearly 35 years.
He fell in love with the sport and competed for over 18 years eventually
representing New Zealand in multiple international competitions including 3 world championships.
Ricky enjoys coaching all aspects of singles skating and specialises as a jump coach


Helen Sutherland
ph: 027 788 3772
Singles · Dance
NZIFSA Level 1 Singles Coaching Accreditation
- Coaching since 1989
- Level II Coaching qualifications with a variety of Kiwi Skate (CANSKATE) courses and power skating.
- Involved and taught in clubs in Canada for 5 years and now in New Zealand for almost 15 years

Simone Thornett
ph: 0278904188
Singles · Pairs
NZIFSA Level 1 Coaching Accreditation
Ice Skating Coach in GB
I Coach development classes, Private Lessons,Kiwi Skate
I have many years of coaching experience.
I have had students compete at national level
I reached level 8 standard in my individual skating and was a competitor all over GB.
NZQA National certificate in recreation and sport level 4


Deanna Pielak-Jones
ph: 021 1655182
Singles · Dance · Synchronized
NZIFSA Level 1 Coaching Accreditation
- Coached Figure Skating in Canada, England and New Zealand since 1975.
- Coached skaters from very first steps to Junior and Senior levels at
National & International Competitions, including NZ Junior and Senior
- Coach of adults with many going on to compete at NZIFSA and Masters