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Gold Medal Test Passes

Gold and Gold Star Test Passes *

Cara TangStroking Gold24/04/2022
Cordelia ShiStroking Gold18/04/2021
Ella SmithStroking Gold18/04/2021
Dwayne LiStroking Gold12/12/2020
Charlotte Lafond-FournierStroking Gold03/08/2020
Asia TapealavaStroking Gold26/07/2020
Douglas GerberStroking Gold19/07/2020
Liam McIverStroking Gold Star13/07/2020
Ruth XuStroking Gold20/06/2020
Liam McIverStroking Gold07/07/2019
Lelin WangStroking Gold11/05/2019
Nerin CornwellStroking Gold20/08/2018
Anya GippStroking Gold Star11/04/2018
Dani GebserStroking Gold22/01/2018
Brian LeeStroking Gold12/08/2017
Isabella BarduaStroking Gold23/07/2017
Patrick CostleyPattern Dance Gold17/07/2016
Zelda LadefogedStroking Gold16/04/2016
Brooke TamepoStroking Gold16/04/2016
Jojo HongStroking Gold13/03/2016
Anya GippStroking Gold01/11/2015
Michael DurhamStroking Gold04/09/2015
Michael DurhamFreeskating Gold04/09/2015
Morgan TempletonStroking Gold24/04/2015
Sarah MacGibbonStroking Gold24/04/2015
Christina FlokaStroking Gold18/04/2015
Michelle CarrollAdult Pattern Dance Gold22/03/2015
Preeya LaudStroking Gold07/03/2015
Connor McIverStroking Gold Star16/12/2014
Kayla DieboldStroking Gold28/07/2014
Kayla DieboldPattern Dance Gold28/07/2014
Tracy HipkissStroking Gold02/06/2014
Connor McIverStroking Gold30/03/2014
Jessie ParkStroking Gold Star15/12/2013
Mykaila LewisStroking Gold25/11/2012
Jessie ParkStroking Gold25/11/2012
Elizabeth O'NeillStroking Gold17/03/2012
Chelsea RichdaleStroking Gold10/12/2011
Juliette O'NeillStroking Gold Star10/12/2011
Caitlyn PaulStroking Gold Star13/10/2011
Cass GuignionAdult Pattern Dance Gold19/08/2011
Sam WaughStroking Gold06/06/2011
Eerina WatkinsStroking Gold10/02/2011
Grant HowiePair Skating Gold02/10/2010
Ariel NadasPair Skating Gold02/10/2010
Brin BergeStroking Gold01/10/2010
Ayesha CampbellStroking Gold21/06/2010
Juliette O'NeillStroking Gold21/06/2010
Ariel NadasStroking Gold08/12/2009
Cameron HemsFreeskating Gold08/12/2009
Shannon CostelloStroking Gold07/11/2009
Melissa CummingsStroking Gold06/06/2009
Michaela VoigtStroking Gold Star28/11/2008
Allie RoutFreeskating Gold Star04/10/2008
Millie CampbellStroking Gold Star18/07/2008
Shane SpedenStroking Gold Star28/06/2008
Alanna PollockStroking Gold Star20/04/2008
Allie RoutStroking Gold17/04/2008
Allie RoutFreeskating Gold17/04/2008
Michaela VoigtStroking Gold01/12/2007
Alanna PollockStroking Gold09/11/2007
Shane SpedenStroking Gold02/09/2007
Caitlin HaynesStroking Gold12/07/2007
Mathieu WilsonStroking Gold12/07/2007
Grant HowieStroking Gold Star17/12/2006
Charlotte DawsonAdult Freeskating Gold12/12/2006
Kendra StreetAdult Pattern Dance Gold05/11/2006
Tristan ThodeFreeskating Gold Star19/09/2006
Morgan TempletonFreeskating Gold10/08/2006
Mathieu WilsonFreeskating Gold13/07/2006
Millie CampbellStroking Gold28/05/2006
Caitlyn PaulStroking Gold25/03/2006
Grant HowieStroking Gold13/08/2005
Dee PulmanStroking Gold14/07/2005
Michelle RussellStroking Gold Star07/04/2005
Joel WatsonFreeskating Gold26/02/2004
Michelle RussellStroking Gold10/12/2003
Claire GregoryStroking Gold22/11/2003
Sandra Williamson-LeadleyPattern Dance Gold Star13/11/1998
Sandra Williamson-LeadleyOriginal Dance Gold12/12/1996

* on-line test pass records are incomplete prior to 2006.