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Rules & Regulations

Links to the complete set of the rules governing ice figure skating in New Zealand and at ISU Competitions and Championships are provided here.

NZIFSA Rules & Regulations

Constitution NZIFSA Constitution
Code of Ethics Code of Ethics (April 2011)
Rules and Regulations

2015 Rules and Regulations 

2015 Singles Short Program Requirements Chart

2015 Singles Free Skate Requirements Chart

2015 Adult Singles Free Skate & Interpretive Requirements Chart

2015 Adults Pairs Skating Requirements Chart

2015 Ice Dance - Pattern Dace Requirements Chart


Anti-Doping NZIFSA Anti-Doping Information       Drug Free Sport NZ
Ice Dance Patterns All non-ISU compulsory dance patterns (do not use this resource for ISU compulsory dance patterns, see ISU rules below)
Stroking Test Patterns not currently available
6.0 Judging Information Marking and Determination of Results

NZIFSA Policy Documents

Athlete Scholarship and Prioritisation   NZIFSA Athlete Scholarship and Prioritisation Policy (August 2012)
Coaches’ Accreditation

NZIFSA Coaches’ Accreditation Policy (15 January 2015)

Appendix A - Requirements to complete (15 January 2015)

Appendix B - Level 1 Apprentice Coach Guidelines (15 January 2015)

Appendix C - Maintaining Points (15 January 2015)

Maintaining Accreditation Log Book

Child Protection NZIFSA Child Protection Policy (May 2014)
Forums Acceptable Use NZIFSA Members’ Forums Acceptable Use Policy (May 2014)
Privacy NZIFSA Privacy Policy (April 2013)
Governance and Management Governance and Management Policy, Job Descriptions for Elected Positions, Job Descriptions for Appointed Positions, NZIFSA CEO Limitations Policy (June 2013),
Travel and Reimbursement NZIFSA Travel and Reimbursement Policy (May 2014)
Selection NZIFSA Selection Policy (Aug 2014) Rationale
Electronic Meetings NZIFSA Electronic Meeting Policy (July 2014)
Finance NZIFSA Finance Policy (April 2014)
Funding NZIFSA Funding Policy (June 2013)
Skater Development NZIFSA Skater Development Policy (July 2014)
Nationals NZIFSA Nationals Hosting Policy (Feb 2013)
Officials Training & Promotion NZIFSA Officials’ Training, Appointment and Promotion Policy (December 2013)
Policy Review Dates NZIFSA Policy Review Dates

Supplementary Documents

ISU Judging System - Overview An overview of the ISU Judging System
Anti-Doping Resources Resources for Athletes from DrugFree Sport NZ
Forms Forms that need to be filled out to be eligible to compete or take tests

Applicable ISU Rules and Regulations

These ISU Rules and Regulations apply at all NZIFSA competitions, ISU International competitions and all ISU Competitions and Championships. The NZIFSA Rules and Regulations extend these ISU rules for domestic competitions and may be different in some cases. The rule from the NZIFSA Rules and Regulations will be used in the case of any inconsistency with ISU rules and regulations. See the NZIFSA Rules and Regulations for details.

All Disciplines - Constitution and General Regulations ISU Constitution & General Regulations
Single, Pair Skating and Ice Dance Regulations  Special Regulations and Technical Rules
Single, Pair Skating and Ice Dance - Guidelines for International Novice Competitions Communication No. 1760
Synchronized Skating - Guidelines for International Novice Competitions Communication No. 1740
Single and Pair Skating - Scale of Values, Levels of Difficulty & Guidelines for GOE - season 2014/15 Communication No. 1861
Amendments and Corrections to Communication 1861 Communication No. 1884
Single and Pair Skating - Changes from 55th Congress Communication No. 1874

Ice Dance - Requirements for Technical Rules - season 2014/15

Communication No. 1857

Ice Dance - Requirements for Technical Rules with ongoing updates effective 1 July 2014

Corrections to Communications 1857 & 1860

Communication No. 1860

Communication No. 1885

Ice Dance - Changes from 55th Congress Communication No. 1875
Ice Dance - Scale of Values Communication No. 1868

Ice Dance - Marking Guide for Components of Pattern Dances

    GOE for Dance Spins, Dance Lifts, Sets of Sequential/Synchronized Twizzles and Step Sequences

Communication No. 1522 chapter iii.7

Communication No. 1522 chapter iii. 6b

Synchronized SkatingGuidelines 2014/15 Communication No. 1892
Synchronized Skating - Well Balanced Program Content 2014/15

Communication No. 1856

Synchronized Skating - Regulations Special Regulations and Technical Rules


Other ISU Policy, Procedure, Rules and Regulations

These documents mainly apply at ISU International Competitions and ISU Competitions and Championships and to skaters and officials who participate in these events or in cases where an ISU interest is involved.

Code of Ethics Communication No. 1717
Avoiding Conflicts of Interest Communication No. 1481
Citizenship Requirements Communication No. 1420
Uniforms/Racing Suits/Clothing Communication No. 1625
Anti Doping Rules (effective January 2015) Communication No. 1922
Anti Doping Procedures Communication No. 1923
Procedures for Blood Testing

Communication No. 1871

Communication No. 1872

Medical Exemption for High Haemoglobin Concentration Communication No. 1530
Disciplinary Commission Rules of Procedure Communication No. 1419
Appeals Commission Rules of Procedure Communication No. 1356
TV Celebrity Figure Skating Programs Communication No. 1416
Obligations of Members (2013) Communication No. 1780
ISU Development Programme Communication No. 1531
Use of Papers/documents by Judges during Competitions  Communication No.1540

IJS Supplementary Documents

NZISA Verification Rules Supplement - Singles (2009) for technical controllers
Technical Panel Handbook - Singles (2014/15) for technical controllers and technical specialists
Technical Panel Handbook - Pairs (2014/15) for technical controllers and technical specialists

Technical Panel Handbook - Ice Dance (2014/15)

Handbook for Officials - Ice Dance

Handbook for Referees and Judges - Ice Dance

for technical controllers and technical specialists

for Pattern Dances

for referees and judges

ISU First Aid for Calls - Synchronized for technical controllers and technical specialists